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Quickly compare lenders with this top connection service.

Searching for a loan may not be your top priority. may be able to speed up the process of finding a lender, no matter your credit history. But you aren’t guaranteed to be connected, and if you are, be prepared for the high fees that come with short-term loans.

What is is a short-term loan connection service run by the Ute Indian Tribe. Its network of lenders offer loans ranging between $100 and $1,000, although the maximum you qualify for will depend on the laws of your state and your financial situation. Interest rates will vary, but you may face an APR over 1,500% if you borrow a large amount of money for only a short period of time.

Its site is designed to guide you to the information you need in order to make an informed decision. There are not only research tools directly on the site, but lending specialists and customer service representatives ready to help guide you through the process of getting funding when you need it most.

What are the benefits of using

  • Large lending network. has an extensive network of lenders that it contacts when your loan request is submitted. This means you receive the a loan offer that suits your needs.
  • Tools to increase transparency. As a feature of its website, provides a Customer Resource section, which includes a sliding scale that shows the potential APR and total amount paid for a short-term loan based on the loan amount and length.
  • Bad credit is OK. As long as you meet’s basic eligibility criteria, you may still be eligible for a loan even if you have bad credit or a spotty credit history.

What to watch out for

  • Must be employed. Although there are some short-term lenders that accept borrowers without a job, you’ll need to be regularly employed and earn at least $1,000 a month after taxes to be connected with a lender through
  • Potentially high APR. Because works with short-term lenders, you may face an APR that costs you much more than a traditional loan from a bank.
  • No guarantee. The lenders in’s network work with all sorts of people — including some who have been through bankruptcy — but depending on your state, income and current financial situations, may not be able to find a lender that can work with you.

    Is it safe to use

    Yes. ensures all loans are with reputable short-term loan lenders, and it provides its customers with information that can assist them in making responsible borrowing decisions. Its policies are in line with regulations set by Fair Lending laws, and is also a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA), which outlines a list of best practices to make sure borrowers receive fair treatment and remain fully informed.

    That being said, your information will be shared with third parties. By completing its online application, you authorize to share your information with lenders and other marketing partners that may text, call or leave prerecorded messages at any number you supply — sometimes long after you’ve applied.

    What do borrowers say about

    There isn’t much out there on While it has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) page, it isn’t accredited and earns an F rating based off five complaints. However, these complaints don’t actually say much wrong with Two are hidden, and the three that are shown don’t point out any problems with itself.

    As with all short-term loan connection services, it pays to be smart and to review the lender you’re connected with before you agree to a loan contract.

    Am I eligible?

    To be connected with a lender, requires you to meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • You must be currently employed
    • You must earn at least $1,000 after taxes each month
    • You must have an active checking or savings account
    • You must be a citizen or permanent resident of the US
    • You must be at least 18 years old

    How do I fill out’s online form? has a simple online form that requires only basic information in order to potentially connect you with a lender. To keep the process quick, follow the steps outlined below:

    1. Click the Go to Site button to be redirected to’s website.
    2. Select your loan amount, then enter your zip code, full name and email. Click Get Started.
    3. Enter your address, phone number, ID number Social Security number and date of birth. Click Continue.
    4. Enter information about your income, employer and bank account.
    5. Read the Privacy Policy, E-Consent form and Terms of Use. Click Submit.

    It may take a few minutes for to process your request. If you are connected with a lender, read its terms carefully before agreeing to a loan.

    I was connected with a lender. Now what?Once you’ve been connected with a lender, it’s up to you to complete the application process and set up repayments. Most lenders offer automatic options that will debit your bank account on your due date, but you may also be able to send in a check, money order or make a manual online payment as well.

    Before you finalize your loan, check to make sure your lender is legit and that you understand its terms.

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